Safety is important to team Argos.  We study and practice safety so we can ensure our team members, mentors, fans, friends, strangers, and ourselves are safe.  Here are some safety tips that are relevant when building and working with machinery:

  • Always wear safety glasses to ensure hazardous particles, flying objects, and dust remain out of eyes.
  • When near tall towering stacks of any kind (like storage totes), it’s important to remember to be aware and never joke or play pranks that could endanger or risk the stacks from falling onto or near an individual.
  • Wear gloves to protect hands from splinters when handling wood, but it is important to remove them when near rotating blades and other machinery parts where gloves can catch.
  • Hearing protection is important when exposed to loud machinery. Damage to hearing may occur which may be permanent.
  • Turn the power off and unplug the power cord before inspecting, changing, cleaning or adjusting a blade, machine, or tool.
  • Clear communication is always important when working together on any project involving sharp, hot, or heavy objects.  Always be sure to make eye contact and clearly communicate objectives and opinions as well as verifying the other individual hears and understands the goal before proceeding.

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